UT令牌可通过 捐赠 获得,感谢您对开源软件的支持。

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Open source and free protocols

您需要明确,UT核心(框架)是基于Apache2.0协议使用, 您可以通过http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0了解或下载到详尽的协议内容。

You need to be clear that the UT core (framework) is based on the Apache 2.0 protocol, and you can read or download the detailed protocol from the http://www.apache.org/licenses/license-2.0.


You need to be clear that the UT visual package (development backend) can be used free of charge, can be used for commercial purposes, but must ensure that the corresponding rights of the original copyright owners are not infringed, no part of the copyright shall be registered, mortgaged or licensed, and the relevant copyright information shall be retained.


If UT (framework or development backend) contains third-party resources, it may be simplified at the time of release, but when you use it, be sure to follow its requirements for signature or use, we will not be responsible for this.


If you voluntarily use UT, you must understand the possible risks and make it clear that the UT copyright owner and open source participants will not provide any explicit or implicit compensation or guarantee for any behavior or purpose of using UT.

安装UT即表明您已经明确理解并同意相应协议,包括在您所在国的法律法规所允许的范围内合法使用UT,并且独立承担所有法律责任及义务。 那么,您可以完全无后顾之忧地使用UT。

Install UT that you have a clear understanding and consent to the corresponding agreement, can be in your country's laws and regulations within the scope of use UT, can independently assume all legal responsibilities and obligations. Then, you can use UT with no worries at all.

始于2018年,UT框架版权归原作者所有. 蜀ICP备09015842号-2 川公网安备51018202000023号
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